Sky brightness on the go

  • TESS-W can be configured as a fix station or as a portable device.
  • If you want to use it on the go you will need to connect your photometer to a power bank and use your phone or tablet to collect the data.
  • Download and install TESS app for Android and record your measurements along with your GPS location.
  • The TESS-P app is the most recent version. It allows to register data from  TAS (TESS all-sky photometer)


TESS.apk for Android
TESS-P.apk for Android

Store your data locally

  • In some cases it can be handy to get your measurements locally. To do so you will need to run this software on a Windows system connected to the same WIFI network the photometer is connected too.


  • The program only saves data when it is running, therefore, if you want to analyze the data from any night, it will be necessary to run the program before the sunset and leave it running until the following morning.
TESS.exe for Windows

New JAVA software

  • If you purchased your TESS-W photometer after February 2018 you can use our JAVA software.


  • This software is both compatible with PC and mac systems.
JAVA software TESS.jar

Check one photometer

  • Maybe you want to monitor the last measure of any devide  of the network, or yours when you install it for the first time.


  • The software only shows the data of the selected photometer. You just need to enter its name.
My TESS.apk for Android