TESS-W fixed monitoring station

TESS-W has been designed to be used as a fixed station. Follow these steps to connect your photometer:

(Please note that you don’t need to download any software)


If you are in a hurry browse the QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE


  • Plug your photometer to a phone charger and onto the wall so it
    gets current power. Do not plug it onto a computer.
  • The photometer will create a wifi on its own. Then, with a phone or any other device get connected to that wifi (not the one created by your router)
  • Once you have your phone on the the TESS wifi, open a browser and
    write on the address:
  • Configure as explained in the manual. This is the time to introduce
    in your TESS your wifi’s name and password
  • Unplug the device, wait for a couple of minutes and plug it again
  • Check the TESS is not producing any WIFI. This would mean it
    connected correctly.
  • Please contact the TESS team so we can activate your photometer’s dashboard. Once it’s done you will be able to check your data here by selecting your photometer in the dropdown menu.

TESS-P Sky brightness on the go

  • TESS-P is designed as a portable photometer for measuring in the field for one single value or continuous monitoring during an interval of time using this app.
  • The sky brightness, time and date, and position (GPS from smartphone) are stored in an ascii file.
  • It is possible to use it on a moving vehicle to map the sky brightness of a region.
Download from Google Play
Download from Apple Store

Measuring with TESS-W at remote locations

  • Although TESS-W is designed to create a monitoring station and to join the STARS4ALL network it is possible to read and store data locally for remote places with no Internet connection such deserts or natural parks.
  • To do so, you will need same tess.apk software used for TESS-P (see above information) and the  smartphone to connect to your TESS-W photometer via WiFi.
  • TESS-W could be also used as TESS-P on a moving vehicle to map the sky brightness of a region.


  • TASS photometer works with the same app as TESS-P
  • The 140 data point all along the celestial vault are recorded and they are used to create a map.
  • The all-sky night sky brighness map is similar to those of the NixNox Project.
Download from Google Play
Download from Apple Store

Reading TESS-W in local mode

  • The data from your TESS-W photometers can be read and stored in local mode.
  • The TESS java software can run on any platform with java.
  • Your computer should be connected to the same wifi as the TESS-W.
  • Up to 4 photometers can be browsed at the same time.
  • This software can also be used to access the TESS-W settings.
Download from Observatorio Remoto

More information can be found on the manuals

Go to the products page to download the manuals