TESS photometers

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Open data and real time graphs available at tess.dashboards.stars4all.eu
TESS-W  is the photometer you need to continously monitoring the sky brightness at night
TESS-P has been designed to use as a hand help portable photometer
  • The small display shows the measurements.
  • The photometer can be connected via bluetooth to the smartphone app to display and to record your observations.
  • There are accelerometers included to provide the pointing of the photometer.
  • The inside battery is enough to register sporadic measures.
  • If you want to use it on the go or for a night long series of observations you should connect to a power bank.
  • Download and install TESS-P app for Android and record your measurements along with your GPS location.
  • You can also use this photometer to map the sky brightness from a moving vehicle.
TAS allows you to obtain all-sky brightness maps
  • The mount should be leveled and oriented to north.
  • After connecting to the TESS-P smartphone app you only need to press the small button to initiate the full automatic scanning.
  • The 140 data point all along the celestial vault are recorded and they are used to create a map.
  • The all-sky night sky brighness map is similar to those of the NixNox Project.
  • Optional watertight case for outdoor and transport protection


There is some literature about TESS-W photometer.  The device has been presented in different international meetings.
The data is scientifically accurate and it has already been used for research on light pollution.
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The TESS team

Meet the group of professionals that design, build and distribute TESS photometers.

Astrophysics Professor
Jaime Zamorano jzamorano@fis.ucm.es

Professional astronomer and Astrophysics professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).

Rafael González rafael08@ucm.es

Telecom Engineer & former DevOps expert at Telefonica R&D

Cristobal García cristogg@yahoo.es

Telecom Engineer & amateur astronomer

Lucía García lucia_garcia@ucm.es

Research assistant at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). TESS webpage designer & webmaster.

PhD. Astrophysics & Engineer
Sergio Pascual sergiopr@fis.ucm.es

Astrophysics and software Engineer, assistant professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).

Computer Engineer
Esteban González egonzalez@fi.upm.es

Research assistant at the Ontology Engineering Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

Optical Engineer
Carlos Tapia Ayuga ceta@ucm.es

Optical Engineer at Escribano Mechanical & Engineering.

Sales manager
Pamela Cepeda pamelacepeda@gmail.com

Sales and customer management